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My name is Anne Elise, born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I love this city and feel blessed that I was born here, but I always desired to see more of the world. Therefore I started traveling more through the years and even lived in New York City for 4 years.

From when I was a child I always loved to dance: moving around, doing cartwheels in the livingroom, imagining I was performing in front of a whole crowd. When I started dancing salsa when I was 18 years old I really fell in love. I enjoyed the social aspect of it, the creative stepping, the classes, the parties, everything! There are so many possibilities with salsa, it is endless!

I took many classes, practiced and performed with different showteams, and when I moved to New York I joined the world famous YamuleΓ© Dance Company to really develop myself into a professional dancer. By living and dancing in a New York lifestyle I have learned so much, about (salsa) dancing, keeping myself fit and healthy, physically as well as mentally.

Next to this I have a passion for webdesign, online communication and e-commerce. I graduated my Bachelor in Multimedia Design in Amsterdam and by constantly studying on how to use these tools in an everyday life I set up different websites and this blog, to connect with the world and share my experiences of dancing, traveling and connecting with people and my inner self.

I can’t wait to share my experiences and what I’ve learned throughout the time.Curious to see what I’m up to right now? Take a peek into my life on my Instagram!