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Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? I definitely do! For years I wanted to visit Chicago, and then the Bajari de YamuleΓ© team got invited to teach and perform there!

When you dream of something and visualize it, it will attract you! And that is how I got to visit Chicago after all! Curious how this all went? Let me tell you more about it!


After I moved to New York City I joined YamuleΓ© Dance Company, and the beautiful thing of this dancing team is that people are from literally everywhere in the world, mainly just to dance in this team. One of the girls of the Bajari semi-pro team came from Chicago, where she started and owned her own dancing school. While living in New York she ran her school from a distance, by letting other people teach and manage it, which I thought was really cool. She came to the big city to develop herself even more, in order to give the best value to her students in Chicago after the experience.

After practicing with Bajari de YamuleΓ© for a period of time, she decided to move back to Chicago and also to hire the team to perform and teach at her dancing school to close up her experience. I was one of the lucky people to get chosen to do this, and this felt amazing! The biggest dream of most of the YamuleΓ© dancers is of course to get hired to travel and dance all over the world. For us Bajari dancers this definitely felt like a first step into this world, at least for me πŸ™‚


What I really loved about this trip is that we got to see the city! The day of our flight we left extremely early, so when we arrived we had a great lunch an after we we had all afternoon to discover Chicago. The weather was also amazing, so we walked most of it. Laura showed us around to some of the most famous parts of Chicago. And the most famous spot of this city is of course The Bean!


And this goes a little bit back. When I had to choose my spot for the exchange program of my university, I could sign up for two different places, and back then I chose for a school near New York City and one in Chicago. Somehow ever since back then I had an obsession for Chicago, it just looked so amazing on the photos, and actually more cosy than New York. The outcome of the program was that I was chosen for the school near New York, so Chicago was not gonna happen. But with this trip after all I was able to visit and experience this city! So that definitely felt great and meant to be. So this first day that we we’re walking around and enjoying the city and the weather was so great, I almost immediately felt like I was at home!

Next to The Bean another very fun spot to visit was the famous Skydeck! This is situated in the Willis Tower, which has 108 floors. On the 103rd floor, there are balconies created surrounded by glass. So you’re standing on glass, looking over the beautiful view over the city. I absolutely loved this experienced! But other members of the team were a bit more frightened as you can see haha.


So apart from the tourist lifestyle we also danced a lot of course! Laura’s salsa dance school is called La Mecca Dance Chicago that she started herself. During the weekend we taught different workshops and on Saturday night the dance school held its yearly Fall Ball. Here we were gonna perform the show Ritmo de mi Cuba, which is definitely one of my favorites.

What I loved so much about this experience is that we connected with this dancing school and with the people here. The dance school also hat its own show team and these people were very open and nice to us. It was really nice to meet another group of people that also have the same passion like us. We were all perform during the party at night and there was an amazing atmosphere.


To finish up this amazing trip, we visited the beautiful CHICAGO letters.


Did you ever visit Chicago and what was your experience? I would love to hear in the comments! πŸ™‚