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Yesterday I had a beautiful circle moment: I got the opportunity to perform at the dance school where I helped teaching when I was about 20 years old, so that’s like 8 years ago when I didn’t dance that long yet.

I’m temporarily staying in Amsterdam in appartments of friends that are on holiday that own a cat (so I’m basically catsitting) and their cat Coos was helping me getting ready ๐Ÿ˜‰

Extremos is one of the biggest salsa dance schools in Amsterdam and exists since 2000. The owner is Ivan, who is most passionate about teaching salsa. I remember his classes from back then where I helped as an assistant, he would explain how to turn a lady as a guy very detailed, how to move your arm, hand and vingers while leading a lady. Not every dance school explains that in such detail I learned later.

Anyway, I had this great deal with him back then, that if I helped out with his classes, I could follow one of the classes of Extremos for free. Durimg that time this was a perfect deal for me, cause as a student, 20 euros per class, which is about 80 euros a month, is a lot. Of course I chose Ronalds Pieters’ On2 Masterclass, where I got to know him and joined his professional showteam later.

So for me today to be invited by Ivan to perform my solo here, as a paid gig, meant the world to me. I actually had a party planned this Saturday night from old college friends, which I was very excited for for weeks already, but this just felt as a chance that I didn’t want to miss out on.

I was nervous: the plan for this show was pretty last moment and I also had my theory driving exam the day before (which I passed btw ๐Ÿ™Œ) so I only trained a bit and it was a while ago since I performed this show the last time at the Dutch Afro Latin Dance Championship of 2021.

There was one other girl performing from Mexico, but for some reason she wasn’t in the backstage room, so the whole time I was there by myself. It’s interesting and so new for me, to be all by myself while getting ready for a show, I’m still so used to having my Yamulee family around me and hyping each other up.

Nevertheless I was super excited and my energy was high. It felt amazing to perform the solo for the second time ever, at this dance school where so many doors for me opened. The floor is very slippery there though so I had two small slip ups, but overall I’m very happy with the performance ๐Ÿ˜Š

When I got home after the party I was still so hyped from the whole experience that I didn’t feel tired at all. I’m so happy that I get the chance to put myself out there. Moments like this when I come home from a show I started doing little photoshoots by myself with my whole make-up face.

If you have been taking salsa classes for a while or think about starting your salsa adventure, Extremos is definitely one of the best choices in Amsterdam to get your groove on! There is always a great vibe, a lot of international people so you’ll make a lot of new interesting friends, and they have a group of very strong teachers, like Martina, Lisa, Damian and Roberto.