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Salsa dancing will give you that glow in your life that you need!

Are you thinking about starting to take salsa dance classes, but you’re a bit insecure about if it will be something for you?

Maybe you think you need to have previous dance experience in order to start.

I get it, it’s scary to start dancing so close somebody else you’ve never met before, and then all the complicated steps that come with it..!

I have good news, everybody can learn this, literally everybody!

There are more benefits from taking salsa dancing classes than you could ever imagine πŸ™‚

In this post you will learn:

  • What salsa dancing is exactly
  • Where does salsa originate from
  • 17 reasons why it’s healthy for you
  • How you can find a salsa school/party near you

Let’s jump in!

What is salsa dancing?

Salsa dancing is a social dance style based on specific timing to step on the rhythm of the music. As a partner dance there is a person who leads by using gestures and movements that the other person will follow, while keeping the specific stepping timing. Unlike some partner dances, it is a very sociable dance – you don’t need to have a regular partner. In fact, it is common for salseros and salseras to dance with people they have never met before.

So the beautiful aspect of salsa dancing is that when you understand this way of stepping, you can go anywhere in the world and dance with people on a high level without even need to have spoken any word with each other!

Isn’t that amazing? So it’s literally connecting with people on a higher level.


Where does salsa dancing originate from?

Salsa is a dance that was created fairly recently with the mixture of many different styles and musical techniques that all came together in Cuba, land that was home of the many Latin dances and music styles. Although the term β€œsalsa” was originally coined in NY, most believe the dance and music style to have originated in Cuba and came to the US, specifically New York as Cubans were fleeing the political regime there.

There is a lot of uncertainty about the original start of salsa, but it’s sure it’s a mixture of a lot of stuff. Want to know more about the origins of salsa dancing? Read my post The History of Salsa: Everything You Need To Know in 2020.

17 Reasons Why Taking Salsa Dancing Classes is Healthy For You And Why You Should Start Today!

Research has shown that dancing in general has so many benefits for a healthy lifestyle, and because of the social aspect salsa even has more!


  • It’s a workout

Thanks to salsa dancing classes you don’t have to go the gym anymore if you don’t want to, you can already get a lot of physical training from dancing in the classes!


  • Will help to lose weight

By taking salsa dancing classes you’re moving and this will stimulate a better digestion which makes it easier to lose weight.


  • It literally makes you happy

When you start moving, your body will make endorphins in your body, the material that makes you happy, so taking salsa dancing classes will make you happy on a scientific level!


  • Meeting all kinds of new people

Thanks to salsa dancing classes I have met so kinds many people that I never thought I would meet before. Literally all sorts of people take salsa dancing classes, and that way you will meet interesting new people from different fields that in your regular daily would never meet in your day to day life.

  • Dance and meet people all around the world

Salsa dancing is dance genre that has expanded all over the world: There are salsa dancing classes by schools, workshops, parties and even congresses in every country, this way you can travel and meet people in an easy way!


  • Learn about the culture and music too

An important part of salsa dancing is the accompanying music, rhythm and instruments that come with this. When you’re learning to dance this style during salsa dancing classes you will definitely learn about the music and the culture too, which is fun and interesting.


  • Forget your worries of the day

When you dance salsa at night or take salsa dancing classes, you have a moment to really forget your crazy working day or that annoying colleague. You can focus on yourself and your relaxation, while moving!


  • Express yourself through dance

Thanks to salsa dance classes you will learn how to express yourself and create your own style in this beautiful dance genre. Are youΒ  more of a romantic salsa dancer of more into fast spins and sharp footwork? It’s all up to you!


  • Practice easily at home

Because salsa dancing is a stepping based dance style, you don’t need to have a lot of space at home to practice the steps you learn during your salsa dancing classes. This way you can decide how fast you learn all by yourself.


  • Improve your posture

Salsa dancing will make you more aware of your posture during dancing and that way during your daily life, which can help back and shoulder pain.


  • Dance by yourself or with a partner

The fun thing of salsa dancing is that you don’t need a partner per se. By adding body movement and styling above the steps you can already have so much fun by yourself!


  • It slows down aging process

Researches has shown that by learning choreography during salsa dancing classes it can slow down your aging process, and we all wanna stay young right? πŸ˜‰


  • It degreases fear and depression

With fear and stress it helps to make slow movements. The body is the sounding board of feeling. When you dance, you experience more zest for life and that can give an enormous strength. This way salsa dancing classes will help you coop with your fears and anxiety.

  • Perform on stage and challenge yourself

These days there are a lot of salsa show teams where you can learn to develop your salsa dancing skills into a performing art and perform on a real stage. You don’t have to be a professional dancer for this, there are a lot of student and beginner teams too!


  • Improve your balance

During salsa dancing classes you will focus on different stepping and during techniques which will give you a better balance.


  • Great for your motor skills

By following dance instructions in salsa dancing classes such as: a pass to the front, a pass to the side and then turning, salsa dancers will process and record more information than for example walkers. This way it helps to keep your motor skills fit.


  • It gives your creativity a boost!

By dancing, other impulses and connections are made in your brain. This allows you to look at situations in a different way and react in a creative way. So are you stuck in something? Let your body be carried away by the music and let your mind run free!

Where can I start taking salsa dancing classes near me?

The salsa scene is bigger than you would expect, so there will be definitely a school or party in your area! The best way to find this out is to Google “Salsa Dancing” + your city or country, or “Salsa Agenda” + your city or country, click on the different links to check it out and see which one looks most interesting for you.



As you can see, starting with salsa dancing classes has so many benefits! Not only on a physical point of view, to be fitter and moving more, but also on a mental level, by feeling happier and more creative. For me personally I totally feel all these benefits, I have met so many amazing people all over the world, and thanks to dancing you immediately have a common thing that you can talk about or… just dance! πŸ™‚

Have you noticed these benefits during dancing or are you thinking about starting? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

This was written by Anne Elise Wouters, a professional salsa dancer that wants to connect people with each other and their inner selves through the art and joy of dancing salsa. If you’re interested in taking classes with me you can connect with me through Facebook or Instagram by sending me a message, I’d love to connect!