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What is better than 10 days of beautiful beaches, unlimited food and drinks and dancing till the sun comes up? I hear you thinking, nothing! And therefor VivaFest in the popular beach spot Bodrum in Turkey is the perfect getaway to get that first sunshine of the year in May, for all dancers.ย 



VivaFest is a latin dance festival that has been organized for 15 years already. It’s a 10 day event full of dancing, fun and parties till the early morning. They offer all styles, from Cuban salsa to Dancehall and from Kizomba to Contemporary. I noticed that the favorite style of the event was definitely Bachata, and the level of this style was high, I never saw people social bachata sensual on such an advanced level, almost made me think I should take classes in this (almost ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


The Location

One of the biggest reasons to attend this event is definitely the location. The La Blanche Resort Island in Bodrum has a perfect location at the beach, which is very wide and has different vibes one every spot, so you can choose your own favorite spot. The VivaFest people were mostly all hanging out at the same spot near the volleyball court, so you always knew where to meet your peeps. La Blanche also has 3 different pools and an inside pool. The staff is very friendly and you can eat and drink all day at the different restaurants and the buffet, with a wide variety of food that tasted amazing.



The Dancing

VivaFest is not a super big event, which I actually loved. I went alone to this event, and I met people so quickly and really connected with them, because the event wasn’t that massive. I met great artists like SuperMario and Lenin & Genesis who were such nice people. At night there were parties, and during the day fun dancehall dancing was organised at the beach. We also did this super fun game of musical chairs but then with Rueda, I had so much fun!

Only at Firday night there were shows, and I was arriving this night so I barely made it. My flight landed at 19:30, showtime was at 22:00 but I also had to wait for my luggage. I did half of my make-up in the airplane and thank god I made it just in time ๐Ÿ˜€

The event has 5 nights of parties and a lot of people loved to stay dancing all the way until the morning, to see the sunrise. I managed to do this Saturday night, I was dead the next day but it was 100% worth it ๐Ÿ˜›

During the day there are different workshops in all different styles, from 11am-3pm, so not too much and not too little in my opinion. There are two rooms, so you don’t get stress of what to choose. After you can immediately go to the beach to relax, drink and enjoy the sun ๐Ÿ™‚



All together this event was amazing! The combination of an all inclusive resort with dancing and meeting people from this area was perfect in my eyes. Definitely recommended!